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Water Ionizer?
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alkaline ionized water

alkaline ionized water

Literature Reference.

The Therapeutic Effeet of the Alkaline Ionized Water in the Patients with Chronic Idiopathic Constipation
Im Hwan Roe, M.d. and Kyoo Was Choi, M.D. Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea Mu Shik Jhon, M.D. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea

= Abstract =
Calcium ion is considered to be the strong structure making ion, and also to be essential in the propulsive contraction of the intestinal smooth muscle. Therefore we have experienced the ther-apeutic effect of the alkaline ionized water including large amount of calcium ion in the constipated patients. The effect of the alkaline ionized water in the constipated patients (n=8) was evaluated by the measurement of the colonic transit time using radiopaque markers and the frequency of defecation. The transits were shortened significantly after treatment; from 71.829.4 hr to 43.526.5 hr in total conon (p=0.004), and from 18.810.4 hr to 8.16.2 hr in the right colon (p=0.035). The frequency of defecation was also increased significantly: from 1.40.6/week to 2.71.6/week (p=0.03). In conclusion, although the effect of the long term follow-up is not taken, this is a preliminary report showing the promising effects of the alkaline ionized water in the chronic constipated patients.

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