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Water Ionizer?
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effects of alkaline water

effects of alkaline water

Literature Reference.

Korea. J. of Lab. Anim Sa 13(2) December 1997, pp.187~190
Effects of alkaline Ionized Water on Spontaneously diabetic GK-rats fed Sucrose
Jin-man Kim *.** and Kazuhito Yokoyama ** Division of Life Science, R & D center, Sunkyong Industries * Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo **

= Abstract =
This study was carried out to evaluate the effects of alkaline ionized water(AIW) on spon-taneously diabetic GK-rats fed sucrose for aggravation of diabetes mellitus. One half of the 32 GK-rats was given AIW and the other was given tap water (TW) ad lib. These two groups were further divided into two subgroups by fed with or without 30% sucrose solution (* in each group). In blood glucose level, sucrose fed TW group was significantly higher than the other groups. Sucrose fed both AIW and TW groups were sig-nificantly increased in body weight as compared to TW group. In serum malondialdehyde(MDA), a marker oflipid peroxide, sucrose fed TW group was significantly higher than AIW and TW groups. It is suggested that AIW supplementation may inhibit the increase of blood glucose and lipid peroxide levels in Diabetes mellitus.

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