What is an alkaline water ionizer?
A water ionizer, also known as an alkaline ionizer, is a home appliance which can transform regular tap water into purified antioxidant alkaline drinking water and also acidic water for sterilizing. Check out our introductory video to see how it works.

Please be selective of your water, even one cup can make a difference.

Alkaline water 4 levels, Acidic water 2 levels, Purified water 1 level.
You can choose seven types of water by adjusting pH values.
The water ionizer produces purified water through filtration, and produces alkaline water and acidic water by electrolysis.
You can selectively drink and use seven different water in different pH according to desired use.

What kinds of water are you using for coffee, tea, and green tea?

Due to the fact that alkaline water has high reduction potential and small water molecule clusters produced by electrolysis, it gives better taste and fragrance to your drinks.

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You need alkaline water!

Alkaline water of pH 9.5 value is conducive to treating
“Chronic diarrhea”, “Indigestion”, “Hyperacidity” and “Abnormal fermentation in stomach”
The water ionizer producing alkaline water of pH 9.5 value is officially registered
as household medical device conducive to improving stomach symptoms.

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You need alkaline water!

Because water ionizer is directly connected to the faucet, no water is stored in a water tank after purification. Furthermore, minerals of positive (+) property contained in water moves to a negative (-) electrode plates by electrolysis to increase mineral contents by 20∼30%.

Easily and softly swallowed alkaline water!
Rich concentration of active hydrogen in alkaline water!

Alkaline water molecule clusters is smaller than tap water due to the process of electrolysis that you can feel the easiness and softness when drinking alkaline water.
In addition, active hydrogen is generated through chemical and physical reactions in process of electrolysis.