AMS 4000
AMS 4000S

Fold-down (hidden) Water Outlet

Unit's originality in its technology and body design

Totally different from the traditional outlet flex hose.

Fold down (hide) the water outlet when the unit is not in operation.

Fold out the water outlet when the unit is in operation.

* This option is not available for AMS 4000S.

Flexible Water Outlet

Unit's originality in its technology and body design

Durable metal outlet hose.
Bendable and 360° rotatable

* This option is not available for AML 3000.

Auto-cleaning Watercell

[Flow Direction Auto-change System]

Electrode polarity changes to the opposite direction after every use that it prevents the scale build-up on electrolytic cells in advance.

Due to this feature, only the choice of water (alkaline, acidic, or purified) comes out of the water outlet.

The latest patented watercell cleaning system.

Automatic LCD Color Change

LCD color automatically changes to 7 different colors based on the chosen pH level.

7-color indication for 7 different pH levels.
It helps you recognize the pH level of chosen water.

Simple Operation

Voice guide upon pushing each button.
Voice and melody sound upon ACW output.

Water Supply Knob

Precise water flow control
LED light around the knob gives convenience for night time use

LCD Display

The LCD display provides full information needed for the unit operation.

(Filter Life, Original Filter Recognition, Disorder Notice, Voice & Melody, Generated Water Indication, Chosen pH Level, Temperature, Water Flow Pressure)

Water Filter

Original Filter Recognizer Integrated

Accepts only the filter from Alkamedi.
No ionization process (alkaline & acidic water) is made when an inauthentic filter is used.

Hassel free filter replacement.

Acidic Water Outlet

Self-diagnosis System

- Unit operation stops when the inflow water rate is too low.

- Unit operation stops when the water temperature is too high.

- Original filter self-recognition.

- Repair icon appears when an error is detected.

Voice and Melody Guides

- Voice guide upon every pH level selection.

- Melody plays when undrinkable acidic water generates.

Medical-Grade Platinum & Titanium Electrode Plates and Watercell Diaphragm

- 7 electrode plates and 6 diaphragm 

Automatic Drainage

- After operation, remained water inside of unit is automatically drained out

Continuous Water Ionization

- Continuous alkaline or acidic water generation without interruption.

- Electrode polarity and water flow direction automatically changes.

DC Voltage Control 

- The unit changes the input voltage based on the characteristics of incoming water that the pH of dispensed water stays the same regardless of water type.


Manufacture Permission No.
KFDA No.2670
Product  / Model No.
Alkaline Water Producing Equipment / AMS 4000(S) * (S) means “With Flexible Spout.”
Input Voltage/Power Consumption
AC230V / 50Hz (Other electrical standards are available on demand)
Dimension / Weight
257 x 375 x 164(mm) / 5.9Kg [ (10.11 x 14.76 x 6.45(in) / 13lbs ]
Applicable Water Pressure/Temp.
0.7~5kgf/cm2 ( 0.069~0.49MPa ) / 5 ~ 30℃ ( 41~86 ℉ )
Operation Type / Means Operation Knob(Water Supply On/Off) & Touch Buttons
Continuous Electrolysis (pH Range : Alkaline : pH 8.5~ 11, Acidic : pH 5.5 ~3.0)
Electrolysis Levels
Total 7 Levels ( Alkaline 4 + Purified+ Acidic 2 ) with 7 Color Display
Cleaning Device
Automatic Cleaning System (No waiting interval / Patented)
Electrode  Materials
7 Platinized Titanium Plates (0.2μ Platinum Coating)
Easily replaceable cartridge with Authentic Filter Recognizer
About 3,600 ℓ based on Chloroform (around 6~8 months) within 1 year 
Lifespan Indicator
Icon on LCD Display Screen
Hot Water Inflow Detector Built-in Bimetallic Temperature Sensor
Water Supply
Direct connection to a faucet or water supply line
Selective Voice Guide
9 languages (Korean, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Chinese, Polish)